Generic Instructor Course

The Generic Instructor Course (GIC) is recognised as one of the best “train the trainer” short courses there is and it is the course that all UK instructors have to pass through in order to instruct on the ALSG and RC(UK) life support courses.

NICHE International instructors are all fully accredited GIC instructors and aim to select three or four candidates per Neonatal Care Course (NCC) for training as instructors in their own right.

We can train up to 12 instructors on one GIC, depending on how many GIC instructors we take on an overseas trip.

Teaching an instructor how to teach neonatal resuscitation
Educator lecturing on adult education theory, Mutengene, Cameroon

Every GIC course must have an Educator whose role it is to punctuate the practical sessions with lectures on education theory.

The Educator will have a postgraduate qualification in adult education and other GIC faculty members are encouraged to attend his/her lectures to keep their own practice as trainers up to date.

First GIC “graduates” and their instructors, Mutengene, South West region, Cameroon, November 2016

Each newly trained instructor needs to instruct on two Neonatal Care Courses under supervision in order to be fully signed off as accredited instructors.

Successfully completed GIC for four candidates with a faculty of just two in Zwedru, Liberia, 2019
Five GIC graduates in Monrovia, Liberia, 2019