training package

NICHE International is a small charity carrying out one or two overseas trips per year. The volunteer instructors donate their time for this teaching and training service in their annual leave from full time jobs as healthcare professionals in the UK. The volunteer trustees fundraise throughout the year for the charity’s activities and work on the educational and promotional material as well as organising the trips overseas. Our commitment to a country, using the 10-step to sustainability training package, is usually for between 5 and 8 years.

We strongly believe that training local instructors in newborn care saves lives. We do this charity work because it is rewarding to share our skills, because it challenges us as health care professionals in what is sometimes quite a sheltered working environment in the UK and because we learn an untold amount of medicine and number of skills from our overseas colleagues with which we enhance our own practice at home.

Please contact us if you are running a healthcare facility in a low- or middle-income country and feel that a collaborative programme would be helpful to you.

Basic equipment for simulation training