First independent course in Bwindi, Uganda

6 members of the trained faculty in Bwindi taught their first independent NCC this week

We were delighted this week to briefly and remotely join Sadias and his faculty for their first 2.5 day Neonatal Care Course since their own instructor training in February. 6 of the trained faculty were teaching 16 trainee nurses from the nursing school which adjoins Bwindi Community Hospital.

Prescribing antibiotics workshop
intraosseous needle insertion
Happy learners with their certificates

Julia joined Sadias (remotely) at the first break on day 1 and was impressed with the set up for the course – lovely light rooms with plenty of space and all stations prepared, ready to go. NICHE International had sponsored the refreshment breaks as we believe so strongly that people learn better when their physiological needs are met. I therefore got to talk to one of the students while he was in the queue for coffee. He was delighted with the course and felt his learning needs were being well met. Cath joined the team on day 2 in the morning to answer any queries the new faculty had. Other than that, they were completely autonomous. Well done, the team!

We are waiting to hear what support the Ugandan faculty feel they might require next.

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  1. It was a good beginning. We hope to do the best on the next training. May be there should be some connection with the head of nurses and Midwives to always give us atleast three days off duty as they make duty roster for every month so that the training takes place every month because students are many in school.

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