Instructor Development Programme (IDP)

Today was the first day of a 2.5 day programme designed to support the on-going professional development of the Cameroonian Instructors who are trainers on the Neonatal Care Course.

These Instructors value time to refresh their skills as trainers, and also to discuss clinical issues in neonatal care.  Some have travelled long distances from the North and North West Regions of Cameroon to attend the course.

Tree growing up the middle of Mboppi Hospital

This year NICHE International Instructors are doing the training in Mboppi Baptist Hospital in the urban centre of Douala.  It has been a challenging day, with temperatures of 36 degrees, and variable electricity supply and therefore air conditioning.

Jo and Kirstie just about coping with the heat in the teaching hall

We have been enthusiastically welcomed by our Cameroonian colleagues, and continue to be impressed by their dedication and commitment to improving neonatal care in their country.

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