Business plan for the next couple of years

We have worked out our plan of action for 2019 and 2020.  The business plan is available via the “Our Mission” page at  In short, we intend to do one trip to Cameroon this year to run two Newborn Care Courses and supervise the 12 partially trained local instructors through their first two teaching experiences.  When we leave, there will be a faculty of 20 fully trained NCC instructors, many of whom are working in health facilities that the Foreign and Commonwealth Office advises UK personnel not to travel to currently.  UK instructors will only need to return to Cameroon to run Generic Instructor Courses (GICs) in the future.  We also hope to do 4 trips to Liberia over this period, to train healthcare workers and run two GICs to start developing the local faculty, replicating the model we developed in Cameroon.  We have a lot of fundraising to do to realise this business plan.  Any help gratefully received!  You can donate at  Thank you!

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