Bwindi community hospital

Bwindi community hospital with the Impenetrable National Park as a backdrop

Bwindi Community Hospital cares for more than 120,000 people living in the South Western corner of Uganda. It was set up by American missionaries in 2003, starting as a clinic under a tree and expanding over the years to a thriving, award winning community hospital with 135 beds, a Nursing School with 400 students and Uganda College of Health Sciences Bwindi. Quite a bit of research goes on here, human and the other primates who inhabit the forest.  

Grace, Kirstie and Jarlath admiring the banana plantation on the path between the hospital and nursing school

Tomorrow we start the course. We have 16 students for the Neonatal Care Course and are excited to get going. We’ve spent today setting up the room, finding spare tables, oxygen concentrator, remote control for the slides etc. Jarlath left his knitted breast in Ireland which we normally use for the breastfeeding workshop but the guesthouse manager’s daughter came up trumps and crocheted one for us last night with her last bits of yarn. So we’re all set.

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