Can I practice it single-handed?

Resuscitation of the newborn is all about team work and in the UK we train people as much in how to get the best out of and support their team as we do about what to actually do in a resus situation.

Our Liberian learners have a lot of experience with trying to resuscitate very sick babies.  Much sicker than any we see nowadays in the UK thanks to better obstetric care and recognition of fetal distress before the baby is significantly deprived of oxygen.  They are used to taking responsibility for these sick babies and their clinical skills are impressive.  But when we try to get them to resuscitate in pairs or in threes, they will often ask if they can practice it “alone”.  This is because many of our learners are single-handed practitioners in remote communities with no one who will answer their call for help in an emergency situation.


1 breath to…


…. 3 chest compressions

We teach them how to balance the bag on their arm to better facilitate rhythmic chest compressions and breaths for newborns in extremis – I find their earnestness humbling.  When have I ever been in an emergency situation without 2 or 3 extra pairs of hands around me?

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