Feedback from mboppi course

“This course was very resourceful, I have gained more skills and will transmit the knowledge gained to my colleagues so that together we can improve the neonatal care outcome in Cameroon

Grace and Dr Ngu Ernest, paediatrician in Douala, have just completed a Neonatal Care Course in Mboppi Hospital, one of the Cameroon Baptist Convention Heath Services institutions. 21 candidates attended and all passed the course. The programme used was the ALSG/MCAI one that NICHE instructors have used in the past. It was nice to see that Grace had also included an update for everyone on presentations from the 2nd African Neonatal Nurses Conference in Kenya that she attended with NICHE’s help in November 2019. We are proud to be associated with such an energetic campaigner for newborn care.

Presentations were wonderful and work stations so interesting

Care of the newborn in Cameroon will improve greatly if health care workers are knowledgeable and only such training can help.  I wish such trainings could be open to other health facilities for awareness

I am more and well equip now than before on how to care for baby’s who will not live long

More time should be allocated for workshops

Care of newborn in CBCHS [Cameroon Baptist Convention Health Services] is very high than in other services, so I plead if this course can be extended out to other facilities, we will actually reduce the death rate of neonate in Cameroon

The practical were very educative and interesting

See the blog post below for some images from the recent course delivered by 6 Cameroonian instructors with no input from UK-based NICHE instructors. New definition of sustainability – the excitement experienced when one puts oneself out of a job.

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