The baby who won’t live long

Cameroonian doctors and nurses were entirely responsible for the teaching on the course on this occasion. They rose to the challenge; time keeping being the only aspect which needs a bit of work still.  Stella, one of the younger teachers, gave an inspirational talk on ‘The baby who won’t live long’, which is one of the most challenging lectures on the course.

Hard for us to teach too, as many of the babies who fall into this category in Cameroon such as those with spina bifida or congenital heart disease, can be offered so much more in the UK.  The reality is that the Cameroonian instructors do have a better idea of how to make these babies comfortable and also have more experience of having to do this than the UK instructors.  It is yet another area where the UK instructors learn from our Cameroonian counterparts.

Stella teaching on the baby who won’t live long

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