Day 2 NCC in Uganda

All 15 candidates passed the first course and we have identified 7 potential instructors who we will train later in the year (all being well with the fundraising). The standard was high overall and we were very impressed in particular with the learners’ level of engagement with the scenario / simulation training this afternoon. There is a sim lab in the nursing school here and it showed in the way everyone got involved. Well done everyone!

We are going through the feedback forms at the moment but here is a flavour. We collect information on confidence levels before and after a skill or topic is taught. An increase in confidence has been shown to correlate with an increase in competence because confidence empowers people to “give something a go”. If you lack confidence in resuscitating a baby, you might stand by and not even try when faced with a baby born with no respiratory effort. Whereas, if you think you might be able to achieve something, and at least position the baby’s airway so that when he/she gasps, air goes into the lungs, the likelihood of a positive outcome is infinitely increased.

A reassuring increase in confidence in 3 fundamental areas of neonatal care for this learner
We received lots of positive free text feedback comments. And the common request to extend the length of the course.

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