Keeping the show on the road

Having 2 of the 4-member team nipping off to the neonatal unit in the middle of the day is not easy on the 2 left behind holding the baby – literally. Jarlath and Kirstie have been doing sterling work covering for our disappearing acts.

Kirstie trying to time keep for Jarlath. “I’ve never been one to miss an educational opportunity” – even if it means adding 5 minutes to the lecture
Jarlath’s lecturing aids – you hold this side up if you have a question
and you show the red dot if the lecturer is speaking too fast or you don’t understand

At one point, we came back to the lecture theatre to find that Jarlath’s lecture on convulsions had attracted a 16th learner.

Black-cheeked, white-nosed monkey
Also known as the red-tailed guenon

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