Uganda – step 1

We are delighted and very excited that we are at last going abroad again – tomorrow!

I (and the family cat) have been packing up 4 teaching sets and trying to keep the weight down as our internal flights from Entebbe to Kihihi allow rather less baggage than we normally take with us.

Julia (and Chocco) packing up teaching equipment for NICHE’s first trip to Uganda

We are going to Bwindi Community Hospital to teach the first two Neonatal Care Courses and to recruit some keen would-be instructors.

We have a multinational team instructing this time around – Jarlath joining us from Ireland, Kirstie and Julia from the UK and Grace from Cameroon.

We are grateful to the charity Child Health Matters and to the Souter Trust for funding a large part of this trip.

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